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Welcome to Franny and Zooey’s blog! And thank you for checking this page out. We are here to discuss our songwriting processes, what our songs are about, and relevant topics that have arisen out of our songwriting. We are going to try and be real with you, raw and honest! That’s not an easy thing to do, especially to strangers, but we feel that maybe some of our songs and their meanings might be of some interest to you! And, if so, we’d love to share our experiences with you.

Note: There are some topics we will be talking about that may trigger some people. Don’t worry, we’ll make a note of which ones they are so you do not accidentally stumble upon them without sufficient warning.

So, if you’re curious in learning more about us and joining us on our musical journey, please do continue to read on.


Franny and Zooey X

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